Medication Management


Finding the proper medication makes all the difference and can provide an excellent avenue for overcoming your mental illness. Medication management can be highly effective in managing various disorders. Combined with individual psychotherapy, it can help people take control of their symptoms and experience a fuller, more positive life. 

Kristen Chambers will provide effective means for managing your mental health through psychotherapy and medication management. At Mental Health Haven, we can provide a compassionate place for you to express the way you feel in a safe, stigma-free space.

How Medication Management Works At Mental Health Haven

Medication management works by providing ongoing support and adjustments to observe the effectiveness of that medication over time. Medications are controlled, therapeutic treatments that help manage symptoms of mental illness by working to regulate the neurochemical imbalances you experience in daily life. Some facts about medication management include:

  • Extensive research has shown that medications for mental health can help prevent relapses, balance hormone levels, and improve how you view yourself. 
  • Medications are a source of proper mental health care that treats behaviors and symptoms that, in previous years, were often left untreated. 
  • People respond to medications differently, and it can take several attempts to find the best medication. As a unique service, medication management means personalizing your care, especially because not every case of anxiety, depression, or other mental health disorder will be affected by the same medication. 

Requiring medication for your mental health does not mean you are weak. Here at Mental Health Haven, we feel it’s quite the opposite. Seeking support from a psychiatric specialist prioritizes your mental health and well-being. We use an evidence-based medicine approach for medication management. We can discuss many aspects of your life that may impact your mental health and provide treatment based on your specific needs.

When visiting Kristen Chambers, she will incorporate non-pharmacological methods before medication when appropriate for her patients, including individual psychotherapy, support groups, mindfulness exercises, lifestyle and dietary changes. However, when medications are considered most beneficial, she will work diligently with patients to provide safe, effective pharmacological care.

Understanding Medications And How Mental Health Haven Can Support You

At Mental Health Haven, we attempt to remove the stigmas associated with mental health through education and support. Through treatments provided by Kristen Chambers, we encourage our clients to control their mental health so they can experience the relief they need for a positive, happier life. Contact our practice today to learn more about how we can help you through your concerns and experience quality mental health care.