Diagnostic Assessment


As a Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Kristen Chambers evaluates various aspects of your well-being and integrates areas of biology, physiology, chemistry, and neurology to develop a treatment plan for your mental health. Kristen Chambers will provide you with a thorough assessment to properly diagnose your condition. Multiple sessions may be needed to make a proper diagnosis and can perform many functions to treat your overall health to assist with your mental health concerns. 

Your Initial Psychiatric Evaluation at Mental Health Haven

If you’re seeking help, finding a psychiatric specialist can feel overwhelming because every provider is different. But at Mental Health Haven, we work with patients to make the assessment process as easy and comfortable  as possible. Our assessment process includes the following: 

  • Paperwork/Disclosures: Basic information, including mental health and medical information, will be needed to begin  treatment. These include medical records, psychological tests, and collaboration with other mental health providers. Our disclosure forms will provide informed consent for any treatments provided. Questions can be discussed  during your first assessment to help soothe worries about how our practice works to provide treatment. 
  • First Meeting: Either through video conference or in person, our clients can meet with Kristen Chambers one-on-one to discuss present problems in their lives, their concerns, symptoms they’re experiencing, as well as their medical and mental health history. This initial assessment will allow us to begin helping you through your struggles and understanding the type of care you need. 
  • Diagnosis: It may take a few sessions before an official diagnosis can be reached. However, no matter your concerns, Kristen Chambers will ensure a safe, caring environment for her clients and their needs. Once enough information has been obtained, then a diagnosis can be reached. 
  • Treatment: A person’s life story, present circumstances, and previous experiences with mental health professionals all come into play when Ms. Chambers recommends treatment. Individual therapy, online sessions, medication management, and other forms of therapy can easily be provided in her personalized treatment plans to address your concerns to the best of her ability. She will schedule ongoing follow-up sessions to assess how the treatment is progressing, especially when medications are involved. 

What’s ultimately important is what treatment options are most effective for you. Through scheduling follow-up sessions, Kristen Chambers can help manage your mental health conditions and help you build skills that can last a lifetime. 

Contact Mental Health Haven Today To Start Your Journey To Wellness

 At Mental Health Haven, we can provide multiple treatment options, including individualized therapy and medication management, to improve your mental health and create a more positive outlook on life. We’re here for you, and under the care of  Kristen Chambers, we can help you recover from your symptoms and help you feel like you again. To learn more, contact Mental Health Haven today to schedule an online or in-person appointment.